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White Zombie - More Human Than Human

The title and lyrics reference the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, adapted in film as Blade Runner. The title was the slogan of the Tyrell Corporation, manufacturers of the very humaniform biological androids, or "replicants" that are the focal point of the story.

"I want more life, fucker" (quoted in the lyrics) is one of the last things his creator hears when the replicant designed to be the perfect – and disposable – soldier (Rutger Hauer) finds him and is denied a reprieve from the programmed 4 year life span.

The song features a repeated slide guitar figure, a technique typically associated with blues music.

The moaning in the intro to the song was sampled from a post-apocalyptic porn movie called Café Flesh directed by Stephen Sayadian.

"More Human than Human" quickly became the band's highest-charting and most recognizable single in the entirety of their career.


Yeah, I am the astro creep A demolition style Hell american freak, yeah I am the crawling dead A phantom in a box Shadow in your head say Acid, suicide freedom of the blast Read the fucker lies, yeah Scratch off the broken skin Tear into my heart make Me do it again yeah Yeah More Human Than Human Yeah, I am the jigsaw man I turn the world around With a skeleton hand say I am electric head A cannibal core A television said, yeah Do not victimize Read the motherfucker Psychoholic lies, yeah Into a psychic war I tear my soul apart and I Eat it some more, yeah Yeah More Human Than Human Yeah, I am the ripper man A locomotion mind Love american style, yeah I am the nexus one I want more life fucker I ain't done, yeah More Human Than Human


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