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Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me / Rock Heroes

Bon Jovi - She Don't Know Me - About the song

In the early 1980s, fresh off a stint playing in the band Wild Cherry, Avsec wrote and produced the debut album for the disco band LaFlavour, who scored a pair of minor hits with "Mandolay" and "Only the Lonely (Have a Reason to be Sad)" upon the album's release in 1980. At the time, Bon Jovi and LaFlavour were both signed to labels owned by Polygram. By the time Avsec composed LaFlavour's follow-up album, however, the band's name was changed to "Fair Warning", and their disco image was scrapped. "She Don't Know Me" was one of the songs Avsec penned for the upcoming record, and it appears as the lead-off track on what was to be Fair Warning's self-titled album.

However, around this same time as LaFlavour's transformation, PolyGram was preparing to release Bon Jovi's debut album, and they were looking for a strong hit single. The decision was made for Bon Jovi to also record "She Don't Know Me" and feature it on their own debut album. This prioritization of Bon Jovi, combined with the fact that Van Halen were releasing an album with the same title that same year, caused the stagnation of the Fair Warning project. Beyond a few promotional copies, Fair Warning's self-titled album would never be officially released. Incidentally, it would take several more years for the Bon Jovi album to materialize.

Meanwhile, in the ensuing interim period, two already well-established musical acts covered the tune. The well-known 1960s/70s band The Grass Roots included a version of the song on their 1982 reunion album, Powers of the Night. The following year, former Outsiders and Climax frontman Sonny Geraci recorded his own version of the tune under the pseudonym "Peter Emmett" (backed by the Donnie Iris and the Cruisers band, including Avsec).

In 1984, Bon Jovi's self-titled debut album was finally released, and "She Don't Know Me" was released as a follow-up to the band's first hit, "Runaway."

She Don't Know Me - Lyrics

What more can I do, there's nothing I haven't tried

Still it's so hard for her to notice

I've tried hard to be straight

There's nothing left I can say

If only she would look my way

She don't know me, she don't know

She don't see me, she don't care

She can't hear me, can't hear

Can not help me, she don't want

She don't want me like I want her

Like I wan't her got to tell her

Got to tell her that I love her

That I love her

She doesn't even know my name

I dream of when she'll be mine

I dream of crossing that line

And holding her so tender

Dreaming it could come true

So many things I would do

If only you'd give me a chance


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