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Aerosmith - Jaded

Aerosmith - Jaded - Meaning of the song

People become jaded when they are bored or annoyed, often because they are overindulged and take things for granted. The girl in the song is given everything, which denies her the chance to really feel and experience life.

According to lead singer Steven Tyler, he wrote this song while thinking of his youngest daughter, and how he missed much of her childhood because he was touring. He feels he jaded her and himself by not being available due to band commitments or drug problems.

The Tower of Power horn section played on the album, but were buried in the mix. Emilio Castillo, who is a founding member of Tower of Power, explained:

"Aerosmith hired Tower of Power horns after years and years of wanting us to play on their records. They finally decided to do it and Joey Kramer called me up and they said they had their own arranger and I explained to Joey, 'I'm not sure who this guy is but I need to tell you something: When people use their own arrangers, a lot of times it doesn't come out sounding like Tower of Power horns. If you want the real sound you should use our arranger.' He says, 'Yeah, well, this guy's a good friend, he's very talented, he's done some arrangements for Barbra Streisand.' And I said, 'Well, obviously it's your choice, we'll come in and play his arrangements.' He says, 'How about this, if at any time during the session you feel that the arrangement is not Tower of Power worthy, you just tell us - we'll call the session, reschedule, hire your horn arranger and redo it.' So I fly into LA, we go to one of the top studios in LA where Steely Dan recorded their famous records and here's this guy, he's a nice guy, and he's a good musician but he's not really a horn arranger. Basically, he wrote a lot of guitar parts for the horns. So, the bottom line is when the record came out, you can't even hear the horns on the record and the reason for that is Aerosmith is a guitar band, so what are you going to mix? Are you going to mix the guitars down so you can hear the horns or are you going to mix the guitars up? Obviously you're going to mix the guitars up. I certainly wasn't going to say, 'Look, it's not sounding the way it should sound,' because we're there, they've got a big Indian food spread out there, they're spending a lot of money and they all think it's fabulous. I couldn't say anything, I wasn't going to stop the session. But the next time they call me, I will insist they use our arranger and I will tell them why."

Jaded - Lyrics

Hey j-j-jaded, you got your mama's style But you're yesterday's child to me So jaded You think that's where it's at But is that where it's supposed to be You're gettin' it all over me and serrated My my baby blue Yeah I been thinkin' about you My my baby blue Yeah you're so jaded And I'm the one that jaded you Hey j-j-jaded In all it's misery It will always be what I love and hated And maybe take a ride to the other side We're thinkin' of We'll slip into the velvet glove And be jaded My my baby blue Yeah I'm thinkin about you My my baby blue Yeah I'm so jaded And baby I'm afraid of you Your thinking's so complicated I've had it all up to here But it's so overrated Love and hated Wouldn't trade it Love me jaded Hey j-j-jaded There ain't no baby please When I'm shootin the breeze with her When everything you see is a blur And ectasy's what you prefer My my baby blue Yeah I'm talkin' about you My my baby blue Yeah I've been thinkin' about you My my baby blue Yeah you're so jaded Baby Jaded Baby You're so jaded 'Cause I'm the one that jaded you

Aerosmith - Jaded - Live


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